An Evolving Client is an organization that embraces the need for progressive change as it faces challenges in the implementation of organizational and/or project goals. Because evolution is prompted by numerous factors, there is no such thing as a “typical” client. However many of our clients have expressed a need for our services during the following:

  • Challenges in the execution of a real estate project
  • Responding to political/community concerns regarding a real estate and/or construction project
  • ddressing the need for an internal diversity program
  • Creating and or/refining company procurement policies
  • Training leadership and workforce around diversity and inclusion
  • Creating vendor/supplier programs and initiatives
  • Responding to industry shifts


We partner with and provide strategies and solutions to public, privately held and non profit organizations, from small and large developers like Liberty Property Trust and Lomax Real Estate Partners to city agencies within the municipal government of the City of Philadelphia.


Rittenhouse Strategies provides replicable, cost effective and efficient solutions to its clients, utilizing skill sets including legal, project management and accounting. Rittenhouse prides itself on delivering solutions in line with our clients’ respective organizational visions.

What We Do:

Construction and Development Services
Project Management
EEO & Diversity Training
Internal Diversity & Inclusion Support
Procurement Strategy
EOP Consulting
Vendor/Supplier Diversity Initiatives

What You Can Expect:

Bottom Line Impact
Predictable Results
Scalable Solutions
Increased Investment Value
Workplace Efficiency