About Rittenhouse

About Rittenhouse

Rittenhouse Strategies is a trusted and valued consultative partner for evolving clients, aka organizations embracing progressive change in either its core offerings or organizational functions for overall improvement. An evolving client is a client that gets it!

Rittenhouse Strategies strives to become the partner of choice for organizations that understand the need for planned integration and optimal performance in the Workplace Lifecycle, which we’ve broken down into these four buckets:

  • Client Relationship Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Program Management
  • Facility Management

We build strong consultative relationships centered on Thought Leadership and Process Excellence.   Learn More.


Rittenhouse Strategies Approach

our clients about the importance of the workplace lifecycle and how each of the four parts works together to create the environment that supports the organizational assets, aligns with vision, drives culture and spurs activity.

the current state of evolution within the core business functions and compare to the overall organizational maturity of the workplace programs, processes and people.

opportunities for improvement and alignment with the organizations strategic priorities.

for those areas identified as gaps in order to drive efficiency and value into the organization.