About Rittenhouse

About Rittenhouse

Rittenhouse Strategies is a trusted and valued consultative partner for public, private and not for profit entities seeking innovative solutions in the areas of development and construction, people support, workplace strategy and procurement.

Rittenhouse Strategies strives to become the partner of choice for organizations in need of “outside the box” thinking, considered analysis, and strategic execution in the following areas :

  • Built Landscape: Development and construction related services
  • Political/Community Engagement
  • Diversity: EEO, EOP, procurement strategy and diversity initiatives
  • Procurement Solutions: Procurement strategy, EOP consulting and supplier diversity initiatives


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Rittenhouse Strategies Approach

our clients about the importance of planning, process and execution, and how the Rittenhouse Lifecycle approach works to create an environment conducive to supporting organizational and/or project goals and initiatives.

the current state of the organization and/or project, including goals and applicable processes, to effectively evaluate potential impediments to project/program success.

opportunities for improvement and alignment with the organizations strategic priorities.

for those areas identified as gaps in order to drive efficiency and value into the organization and/or project.